Denpa Men cannot be seen with the naked eye, but they float around near the radio waves in your daily life. Each radio wave territory has its own unique Denpa Men, so there's a virtually endless number of variations. In other words, as long as those radio waves continue existing,  the Denpa Men that live there will never go away. If you go there, you or anyone else will be able to catch those Denpa Men. The Denpa Men catching screen

Head Antennas

Some Denpa Men have antennas on their heads.This means they possess a skill. There are many different kinds of skills.

Body Colors

Denpa Men with colored bodies are resistant against certain types of attacks. Some Denpa Men are even resistant against multiple attack types.

Body Shapes

Denpa Men have lots of body shapes too. Some are tall, others are a bit chubby. Their shape relates to their HP,  strength and speed etc.

Strange Heads

Denpa Men with strange heads are said to have lots of AP, which is required to use skills.
NOTE Very occasionally, you will find Denpa Men with very high capabilities. These Denpa Men have features that normal Denpa Men do not. Watch them carefully and make sure they don’t get away!