Who are the Denpa Men?


Denpa Men each have their own unique territory. The Denpa Men that live around you cannot be found anywhere else.
If you want to catch the same Denpa Men as someone else, you’ll have to go to the exact same place to catch them.
As long as the radio waves in that location exist, the Denpa Men that live there will continue to exist as well.


Just like human beings, the Denpa Men all have different appearances.
Their body colors indicate their resistance against enemy attacks. For instance, red Denpa Men are strong against Fire attacks,
and blue Denpa Men are strong against Water attacks.
Sometimes you’ll find striped Denpa Men as well.
They resist multiple attack types.

Denpa Men with large bodies are powerful, and the smaller ones are fast.


Denpa Men with antennas on their heads can use the “Skill” associated with their particular antenna.

There are various kinds of Skills: some Skills allow you to attack enemies with Fire or Water damage,others allow you to heal or revive allies in battle, and yet others allow you to increase your chances of gaining treasure after defeating monsters in battle.
Denpa Men can only have 1 type of antenna, so they can only use 1 Skill.
Putting Denpa Men with the right kind of antenna in your party is the key to success.