Who are the Denpa Men?

The Denpa Man each have their own unique territories, and as long as those radio waves exist,
the Denpa Men will be there.
So if you want to catch the same Denpa Man as someone else,
you'll have to go to the exact same place to catch it.

Just like human beings, the Denpa Men all have different appearances.
Their body colors indicate their resistance against enemy attacks,
and their size indicates their strength or speed.
For example, red Denpa Men are more resistant to Fire attacks,
while blue Denpa Men are more resistant to Water attacks.
Larger Denpa Men are stronger, while smaller Denpa Men are faster.

Denpa Men with antennas on their heads can use the “Skill” associated with their
particular antenna. There are various kinds of Skills: some Skills allow you to attack
enemies with Fire or Water damage, others allow you to heal or revive allies in battle,
and yet others allow you to increase your chances of gaining treasure after defeating
monsters in battle. Each Denpa Man has only one type of antenna, and can use only
one Skill.
You can change your strategy completely by putting Denpa Men with
different antennas into your party.

In particular, keep an eye out for the newly discovered Skill, "Catch“! Denpa Men with this antenna can catch monsters during battle, and summon the monsters they've caught to help in future battles.
If you can catch a strong monster, it can be a huge help in battle!